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Lease Policy


Lease: Lease agreement in 1yr terms.  You can 
renew your lease in one year increments.  A month 
to-month status is allowed up to 3 months.

Rent Payment: Due on 1st every month; Late fee of $45 if not received by 5pm on the 3rd

Move Out: Minimum 30 day notice required

Pets: Allowed dependent on property.  Please check with us on a particular property's pet policy


Lease Applications:
     1. Fill in completely
      2. Save pdf once done
      3. E-mail to us at: tony@jersanllc.com

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Rent Payment


Credit: We run a check to assess your credit standing,        payment history, etc.  Recent delinquencies on your accounts may factor in denial of your application.

Employment: We verify your current work status. Generally, 3 times the rent amount will suffice (gross pay)

Rental History: We consider your rental history (if            any) to check payment history, broken leases, etc.